leigh Djinn

"Standing in the balance, of complete and incomplete."

Basics + Appearance

A rundown of info for Leigh, including appearance details and other important notes.
Info marked with ! refer to Hook information.


Quiet, cautious, and stoic, there is more to Leigh than what most see.


Leigh is a very flexible character that can be placed within a wide range of stories and plots. Though, some may be a little easier to plan out than others.

Basic Information

Nicknames: Lei, Lresany
Age: Appearance suggests 25 or somewhere in mid to late 20s
Race: Au Ra? (!Unconfirmed)
Nameday: N/A
Gender: Non-Binary (Responds to They/Them pronouns)
Relationship Status: Single
Alignment: True Neutral (Though can lean towards other neutral paths)
Patron Deity: Azeyma, The Warden
Languages: Eorzean Common, (!Allagan)
It is said that the smaller one's body is, the more fire burns in their spirit, if such words were true, then Leigh has flame to spare. Short of stature, hair of deep crimson, and teal eyes that almost glow in low light, their physical characteristics divide them apart from what one would expect to see from an Auri. Their scales twist and coil into sharp angles up the right side of their body, in asymmetrical patterns, and they often travel with a glaring lack of shoes to cover up a pair of plated, bestial talons, as well as a long tail that drags at their heels.

While their appearance is outright outlandish, other key features are the bits of metal welded to their horns, and one that is a bit harder to catch sight of-- lift away their bangs only to find a golden insignia at their forehead, with some sort of light that gleams from within. Though such a decoration looks expensive, it is fastened to their body, edges meeting skin and scale alike, and does not look to be easily removable.


While Leigh's outer appearance can draw attention, their inner persona makes up the difference by keeping others at a polearms length, living to stay out of the publicity. Silent and distant at face value, they divulge little personal information about themselves, turning the subject to something else or dropping it outright should someone persist. With such little outward substance, many believe them to be a side-eye attraction without much else under their skin. However, beneath a cold exterior is a creature with a genuine curiosity for all that they do not understand. Social interactions elude them, and more times than not they will watch a scene play out in a public area, pick it apart to better apply it to themself, and then try to mimic their conclusion in an appropriate setting, to understand what it was all working towards. A silent teammate, the more safe in a setting they feel, the more relaxed and open they will become with the company they keep.Positive Traits: Observant, Tenacious, Fearless, PlayfulNegative Traits: Apathetic, Indifferent, Adamant, Anxious


IMPORTANT OOC NOTE: Leigh is not a sexual character. If you are looking for more adult themes or one night stands, then this character may not be for you. Any mature RP will need to happen naturally over the course of many long term sessions, and even then I will hold my right to deny any situation that I feel would not sit right for their character. Please respect this choice.**>The climb to the top< **
- Leigh has always had something in them that would rally and sing at the promise of a fight. Combative to a fault, they believe that no challenge is above their reach, constantly on the hunt to prove their prowess for combat. If your character can prove, or provoke, Leigh into a brawl, be ready for an opponent that does not know the meaning of surrender.
{I have no interest or intentions to have Leigh be killed off, while they can sustain serious injuries, I would humbly request that harm happen in relevance to the RP, and not from some need to impress or be unnecessarily violent.}**>Best hunt alone< **
- Leigh prides themselves on being able to take down hunt marks on their own, and while they are reluctantly willing to share the reward with others that helped in the slaying the creature, they will not stand to be strong armed away from a target. If your character seeks to steal a kill away from Leigh, it may be more than just claws and fangs of the hunt they'll have to deal with.
**>Something is wrong< **
- For the aetherical sensitive, Leigh's aether does not look or feel 'correct'. Whether it comes off as dense and oppressive, or light enough to be barely grasped, it seems their aether is in a constant state of flux. Furthermore to those that have the sight for it, their body is actively draining aether from the surrounding environment and people. Nothing strong enough to be lethal, to the healthy and the virile, at least. What could be the cause of this imbalance, and is Leigh even aware of it?
{Warning. This aspect of Leigh is vague at first, as they do not let strangers get close enough to get a better look. No meta-gaming please.}>Au Ra?<
- When asked what they are, Leigh will not outright say they are of the Auri people, more often responding that they are what they appear to be, with a measured amount of annoyance in their voice. There are various other oddities that make up their physical appearance, and a curious person might want to discover what has made them look so different, and what else they could be hiding.
{Must be comfortable with dark themed science/magic.}>Allagan Enthusiast<
- A deep hobby of Leigh's is to learn about the long since gone Allag Empire. They will go out of their way to get their hands on ancient texts, and feverishly follow rumors of information to their end, regardless if they turn up empty or not. Whether it be from their dedication of study, or a sharp intellect, Leigh seems to understand written forms of the language, and if possible, may even understand enough to speak it. But this has yet to be confirmed. Even items of the dead era have found their way into Leigh's possession, and they are currently looking for various functioning pieces of individual nodes. Either in an attempt to build their own, or for another purpose entirely.
{If you're chill with a little bending of lore/filling in gaps of info that has yet to be released.}